West Hawaii Farms

West Hawaii Farms
Organic farm located 92-1818 Princess Kaiulani Blvd, Oceanview, HI with Beans French and snap, Beets Round Red, Chard, Collards and champion, Herbs Mix, Kale, Lemon Tahitian and Keefer, Mustard MiX, Pac Choy Baby Greens, Papaya Strawberry, Pomegranate, Salad Galactic, Salad Loma, Salad Magenta, Salad Navada, Salad Rave, Salad Romaine, Spinach Savoyed, Tai Sai, Turnip

PO Box 6876
Ocean View HI 96757
(808) 939-9701

Certified Organic by OCI according to Organic Hawaii

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  1. West Hawaii Farms
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