Discovery Harbour Golf Course

Discovery Harbour Golf Course
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This is an interesting story locals remember. South Point Country Club - Supposedly some entrepreneurs had some grandiose plans for the Discover Harbour Golf Course and put up an "Under Construction" sign at the Golf Course entrance but really haven't done anything for a long time. The 'under construction' sign is no more. These guys after asking the home owners in Discovery Harbour for a rather expensive membership fee to play golf on their supposedly renovated course found out that the home owners were reluctant to pay such high fees when they can now play on the course for free. Maybe that is why these guys didn't do anything worth discussing with all the claims they were making on their website. Another Hawaiian broken dream. The web site which was active and I got a screen shot below is no longer active and is simply an advertisement for GoDaddy now.  These guys have folded up shop and left town.  So the name of the golf course is back to its original name: 

Discovery Harbour Golf Course

Property owners in Discovery Harbour play on the golf course frequently and there is no one enforcing anything. Several volunteers mow the grass. There are some vacation homes you can rent if you check some of the accommodations link. If you want to just play on the current course go befriend one of the Discover Harbour residents and enjoy a free round of golf. And don't forget to ask any Discovery Harbour resident, 'What happened to the South Point Country Club?" as you play on the course for free. If you ask around you might even find someone who will rent you a golf cart.  There are resisdents who regularly play on the golf course with more information. The best source of information on the Discovery Harbour Golf Course is the Discovery Harbour Community Center.

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