Kawa'a Beach

Kawa'a Beach
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Kwaa'a (also spelled Kawa) Beach is in the Ka'u District between the towns of Pahala and Na'alehu and is the prime local surf spot. There are two roads that lead makai (towards the ocean) off of Highway 11. The first is at the 58.4 mile marker and the other is at the 58.6 mile marker. Watch for cars parked on Highway 11 at the 58 mile maker with surf board racks! Both roads are passable without 4-wheel drive, but you do need high clearance so we do not recommend taking a regular car on either road. However, parking along the highway and walking would be fine, as neither road is very long nor difficult (probably about a third of a mile walk). Cool, mountain spring water flows from Mauna Loa and empties into the sea! The 58.6 mile marker entrance is a dirt road. Across the street is a large red abandoned cone (perhaps part of a dredge or some farm equipment). Turn on the dirt road and follow it. A number of side roads split off from the left, but continue on the main road and do not take any lefts. However, there are at least one or two of the left side roads that will take you around to the other side of the bay (and where the other road goes). Eventually, if you follow the main dirt road, you will be at the coast where you will find a little fishing shack and nice open, rocky beach. A little inlet is to the left, perfect for cooling your feet, and across the inlet is the bay as well as other great spots. The 58.4 mile marker entrance is a lava road. There is a shanty home here as well. Turn onto the lava road and go past the shanty. A number of shanty houses are along this wide lava road, but continue past all of them, following the main road. After a number of turns, you will eventually come out on a beach where there are a number of crude campsites and quite a few places to park. On your right is the small inlet. In front of you is the bay itself, and to your left is the inland brackish pond. There are some Hawaiian Sovereignty Protestors who have set up a protest with all sorts of signs near the highway about not selling Kama'a Beach to the county. Here is one article on the subject: 

Kawa`a, in the Ahupua`a of Hilea, in the District of Kau, August 26th, 2008

Kawa Beach
Kawa Beach
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Kawa Beach Kawa Beach Surfer at Kawa Beach
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