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Hawaiian Ocean View Estates

Hawaiian Ocean View Estates
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Hawaiian Ocean View Estates (HOVE) is actually deemed the "world's largest subdivision" with over 157 miles of privately paved roadways (See Map). All owners of lots within the HOVE subdivision are members of the HOVE Road Maintenance Corporation. HOVE consists of 10,697 one acre lots mauka of Hawaii Belt Road. The terrain varies from rugged lava fields to lots containing Ohia trees and other vegetation. Water is by catchment only with power to some, but not all, of the lots. The total population of the subdivision is about 4500 in 2005. Originally part of the Kuhuku Ranch it was subdivided in the 70's and sold in one acre lots. The original developer of HOVE was the Crawford Oil Company consisting of Walter and Lillian Crawford and their two sons, Donald and Jack. Lillian Crawford named all of the 156 miles of roads! 


The terrain varies from bare lava to beautiful upland woods. Elevations range about 2000 ft. at Highway 11, all the way up to around 5000 ft above sea level. The top portion of the subdivision is a misty mountain moonscape that some think has a surreal quality.


Many lots have excellent ocean views since the ocean is about 5 to 10 miles away (as the crow flies) depending on where you are within the subdivision and on what elevation. Some lots have views of South Point (the most southern point in the USA. Ranchos is just below HOVE and Highway 11. HOVE

Ocean View has a post office, hardware store, markets, restaurants, tool rentals, hair salon, liquor, and three gasoline stations. A broadband hi fi is broadcast for those of you who need hi speed internet.


Ocean View was once part of Kahuku Ranch. Initial sales began in the late 50's and early 60's. The original developer of HOVE was the Crawford Oil Company. In the early 1980's a service station and a rental building, where the first hardware store began its business, were built. HOVE

In 1989 the Ocean View Town Center was developed and the Ocean View Road Maintenance Corporation began an extensive rebuilding program of the roads in HOVE and the surrounding area. Shortly thereafter the Ocean View Development Corporation started a new market which included a laundromat and restaurant. Ocean View now has two shopping centers and a third was completed in 2010.


There are over 100 listings in the Ocean View Business Directory with categories ranging from: Automotive, B&B's, Builders, Computer Services, Electronics, Farm & Garden, Grocers, Hair Salons, Land Services, Medical & Health, Professional Services, Publishing, Real Estate Offices, Restaurants, Retail & Wholesale Outlets, Services, Water Service, and Video. HOVE

The area once known as HOVE is now referred to as Ocean View and now encompasses the developments of Hawaiian Ocean View Ranchos, Kahuku Country Gardens, Kula Kai View Estates, Kona Gardens, Hawaiian Ocean View Ranchos, and Kona View Estates.

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